Friday, January 13, 2012

New Gas Stove Part I

My husband and I have always wanted a wood stove...the look of the stove would fit beautifully into our 1795 home and would help create a cozy haven in the winter.  (I know that our dog and cat would appreciate it too.)  We began looking into getting one last year but sadly, due to clearance issues in the old house, we soon found out that a wood stove would not be possible.  However, the stove we wanted is also available in a gas version so we decided to go that route instead.  The look will be the same, and it will actually be cleaner and safer too.  The stove is the Jotul Allagash, in Majolica brown enamel finish:

The saga of having it installed has taken longer than we thought but we are almost there.  (We actually have two fireplaces in the house but cannot run the gas line through the larger one because our gas heat is already vented through it.  The second fireplace opens into the dining room but we want to have the stove on the opposite wall so it will be in the living room.  This means that a chimney contractor had to open a hole in the wall to access the chimney, so the gas pipe can be run from the living room.)  ANYWAY, the contractor came yesterday and here is the result:

The room is ready for the stove to be installed!  I will keep you posted on the results!

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