Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lilly in Bloom!

After much anticipation, Lilly revealed the spring 2012 collection last Saturday!  One of the themes for the first delivery is cherries:  cherry trees, cherry blossoms, and fruit.  They are so lovely and such a sign of spring when they bloom in May.  My husband and I actually planted four cherry trees in our backyard last fall and cannot wait to see them blooming:

I think I have narrowed my selection down to these two items.  First, the Somerset dress in Bright Navy Cherry Picker:

It is an easy t-shirt style tunic dress--but the ruffles on the 3/4 sleeves add a feminine, slightly dressier touch.
I am also loving the print Lilly's State of Mind Patch--I am sure that everyone has already scrutinized it to find their state!  I really like the new Mariana shift with the lace cutouts.  Very vintage:

 I plan to pay a visit to my local Lilly store this week to check everything out in person! 

Kayce Hughes--Huge Sale!

I have mentioned Kayce Hughes Pears & Bears before but I just had to post this--there is a fabulous sale going on right now, with fall 2011 up to 75% off!

I had purchased the Party Skirt in Pink-O Geometric on the last sale but at $35.50 (down from $142.00), I had to go ahead and get the Basic Button Down dress too:

The website address is
I love pairing prints with prints and am hoping this dress will work with my Murfee in It Can Be Arranged:

I highly recommend paying a visit and stocking up for spring! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iced Pastels Part II: Real Life Version

Louis Vuitton and Chanel provide beautiful inspiration for what to wear this spring but in terms of my "real life" wardrobe, I will be looking at J. Crew.  I found this shirt earlier this season and have been saving it to wear in late winter/early spring:

I plan to pair it with icy pinks:

This cool blue cashmere sweater would also look perfect with this ensemble:

I am finding so many ways to interpret this trend--"the look for less!"

New Gas Stove Part II

The new gas stove is finally installed and we love it!  It was installed on Monday and fits so perfectly into our house, it is like it has always been there.

Sadie also likes it though Jed seems a bit wary of the flames...
We are off of work next week and are planning on spending a lot of time relaxing and enjoying our new stove!