Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iced Pastels Part II: Real Life Version

Louis Vuitton and Chanel provide beautiful inspiration for what to wear this spring but in terms of my "real life" wardrobe, I will be looking at J. Crew.  I found this shirt earlier this season and have been saving it to wear in late winter/early spring:

I plan to pair it with icy pinks:

This cool blue cashmere sweater would also look perfect with this ensemble:

I am finding so many ways to interpret this trend--"the look for less!"


  1. Love these clothes! I have enjoyed your blog and joined today. I have recently restarted my blog too -
    Give it a look ;-)

    1. Thanks for commenting! I just joined your blog too and look forward to following! I think we have lots in common, including Lilly...