Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Re-Lilly Find

Sometimes, for some reason, I get a certain outfit or item stuck in my head and I cannot stop thinking about it.  I picture all of the different ways I could wear it and I see myself wearing it to different events and occasions.  This just happened again with Lilly's Kelsi dress in Jumping the Line, from summer 2011. 

I purchased several things from the summer collection (of course!) but for some reason this one did not catch my eye at the time.  Once I realized that I really wanted/needed this dress, I went on a hunt to track it down.  It appeared briefly on Lilly's New Year's sale but they were out of my size before I could move my mouse.  I was about to buy the next size when that one disappeared too.  I then began searching for it on ebay but no luck.  There were several Kelsis available but not in this print...

Over the weekend I was browsing the Re-Lilly page on Facebook and I found my dress!  I sealed the deal and it is now on its way to me. 

I think that at this time of year, I start to dream of spring... The nautical blue/white stripes + gorgeous pink and green flowers will be the perfect way to transition into spring and the cap sleeves and gathered waist are feminine yet still work-appropriate. 

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